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For time being I'm doing some house-keeping. Please proceed to my other blogg:

TALKphotography: I write everyting that comes across my mind related to photography.

Link: http://ahwanphotography.blogspot.com/2007/05/photo-talks.html]

WONDERCOLORgraphy: the God Colorful creations ...[nature?].

link: http://ahwanphotography.blogspot.com/2007/05/photo-talks.html

NATUREphotography:- a close-up approach to the Introduction to nature photography

link: http://ahwanphotography.blogspot.com/2007/05/nature-photography-intro.html

CLOSEUPphotography - with a Compact Digicam

link: http://ahwanphotography.blogspot.com/2007/05/macrophotography-compact-digicam.html

CLOSEUPphotography - with a dSLR

link: http://ahwanphotography.blogspot.com/2007/05/close-up-photography-with-dslr.html

MACROphotography"... an introduction.


coming soon

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My APOLOGY: PHOTOserver is temporarily DOWN

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[First draft was 'published' in MPN PHOTOtalks Forum in April/May 2007]

From my perspective "Photography" covers so many topics of great interest:- the hardware, the software, the techniques, the photographers, the arts, the subjects/locations, the lights, the time/tides, the moods, the 'happenings' ...etc. . The bottom line is the end products, i.e the captured-IMAGEs which had been transformed from trasient to timeless.

Olympus C5050
Exposure time: 2secs
F-stop: 8.0
ISO speed: 64
Focal length: 11.3000 [55mm EFL]

Probably the hidden processes behind clicking the shutter on any digital camera [even the simplest model] are more complex than any other system we have ever experienced. Photography relies on many branches of knowledge and technology more than other creative medium put together. Knowledge on the hardware, the processes and the subject matter greatly influence the work we do in photography.

Almost every knowledge known to mankind is associated with photography.... arts, psychology, social science, optics, mechanical engineering, physics, electro-chemistry, maths, geometry, electronics, computer engineering, fuzzy logics, adaptive control systems, multivariable nonlinear system...... and also some fields in which most ppl never even have ever heard before such as atmospheric phenomenology, psychophysics.... just name it!....

Great pictures are not necessarily best in term of quality. Sometimes blurred, shaky, B&W images have more values than studio like sharp, beautiful coloful photos finish. The following photo, shot by my son, Azim Wan was published in Digital Camera Magazine Issue 17 supports my views...

[by courtesy of Azim Wan]

Olympus E500 with ZD 40-150mm f3.5 at f16 1/8 sec ISO100

Actually my personal interest is in NATUREphotography [incl. Insects, flowers, heaven and earth....] and a little bit of 'action' shots freezing transients into timeless history .

NATUREphotography - a CLOSEup approach

Sebagai permulaan kita tidak perlu keluar dari kawasan rumah sendiri untuk memulakan "Nature Photography" secara kecil2an....


Dibelakang rumah kita memang banyak kerengga. Kerengga sangat berguna untuk menjauhkan makhluk perosak drpd menghampiri buah2an..

Jika diamati , serengga ni juga 'menternak' hidupan lain untuk mendapatkan 'susu'.... gabungan dua makhluk ini boleh merupakani 'smart-partnership' yg effective kerana disamping 'mendapat susu', kerengga juga melindungi makhluk tsb daripada menjadi habuan serangga lain. Dibawah ini menunjukkan gembala2 kerengga sedang menjaga 'ternakan' mereka dicelah pelepah pokok palma.

Seekor lagi kerengga sedang mengawal ternakannya dalam pucuk mentimun tikus.

Posing istemewa... menampakan pinggang yg ramping dan abdomen yg bulat macam buah pear...

NATUREphotography - a CLOSEup approach [contn.]

Pepatung atau Dragonfly

Satu lagi serangga yg terdapat dilaman rumah kita ialah Pepatung atau dikampong saya ianya dipanngil "tuyup".Mata compoundnya lebih besar dari otak seakan2 serupa dgn CCD/CMOS digicam. Tapi berapa MP agaknya. Retina mata manusia bersamaan dgn 120MegaPixel!!

Serangga ni juga berguna pada manusia kerana ia amat menggemari nyamok aedis dan serangga2 perosak kecil yg lain spt lalat dsb. nya. Di Benua Amerika utara tuyup ni dipanggil "mosquito hawks"

satu lagi posing pepatung

[i].....to be continued........[/i]pls visit regularly but not to forget to press "F5" when AHWan Fotopages appears on screen otherwise your browser will read from cache [for those who have visited before....]

care to comment or help me with some interesting ideas?
if anybody finds mistakes in spelling and grammar pls correct me too....

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Oly C5050 35mm EFL f5.6 4sec ISO64


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